In one of my test case I hit the rest API using restAssured and the API always returns the response in pure HTML. The returned HTML is basically the source of a valid page. Now I can't use webDriver.get(URL); method since I don't have a direct URL.

Does selenium provide any such method in which I can open the HTML source directly in the browser instead of providing a URL?

  • I am not able to understand the why would you need webdriver methods in rest assured. Your problem statement is not very clear. Can you rephrase it. Sep 26, 2017 at 12:26

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The basic idea is to just open a blank page and then set the inner HTML of the current page:

String innerHtml = "your HTML here";
driver.executeScript("document.innerHTML = " + innerHtml);

Or, you can also save that HTML into a file and then open the file via file:// protocol:


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