When I have dependencies such as http or authenticate, how can I use Cucumber without being slowed down on these services ?


You should mock / stub those dependencies.

WebMock can do that. It stubs at a low HTTP client lib level.
Add require 'webmock/cucumber' in the support/env.rb file


Simulate basic http

stub_request(:get, "www.test.com").to_return(:body => "Test")
stub_request(:post, "www.test.com").with(:body => "test", :header => "Content-Type: application/json")

stub_request(:POST, "https://github.com/login/oauth/access_token").with("client_id={client_id}

Simulate OAuth

stub_request(:GET, "httpsL//api.github.com/users/wayneye")
.with(:headers => 'Authorization: token{fake_token}')
.and_return('"name": "Wayne Ye", "public_repos":9, "company": "ThoughtWorks"')

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