I am Using Jmeter for load testing so i am little bit struck so here is problem i want run continuously (Http-request-2) getDriverLocationId in between Trip started(Http request -1) and Trip complete(Http Request -3) with set time interval between Trip started and Trip complete is possible in Jmeter please tell me with explanation as soon as possible

Real time scenario--> i am working currently on Uber/ola like mobile app i have to test load on that application by using set of api so let us say Http request-1 consisting of driver location details (lat and long and driver id ) and http request- 1 and Http request -3 consisting of Ride start and Ride completion details(source lat,long and destination lat,long ) so now i need to run Http request-2 from trip starting to trip completion Means Http Request 2 runs several time from start trip and complete trip Image of above Description

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Depending on what you are trying to achieve, the options are in:

  1. Put getDriverLocationId request in the separate Thread Group. My expectation is that mobile client application should send location all the time in intervals you can set using Constant Timer.
  2. Put getDriverLocationId under the Loop Controller to run it specified amount of times
  3. Put getDriverLocationId under the While Controller so the request will be executed unless a specified condition is met (i.e. current location is not equal to destination)
  • Hi.... your answer is write and please tell me how to write that condition inside While Controller with small example because i am new to jmtere
    – SQA
    Oct 9, 2017 at 7:04
  • Hi ... is there possible to add n number of csv file to csv data set config without using ${__threadNum} function in jmeter
    – SQA
    Oct 23, 2017 at 13:11

If I understand your question correctly you want to:

  • request 1 - start
  • request 2
  • request 2
  • ... (number of request 2)
  • request 3 - stop

You can you use for instance the Loop controller in which case you can repeat the request for a number of times. Or the While Controller which allows you to run until the condition in the while is no longer true. For more options look here. You would likely also use some timer to wait between every consecutive request.

Your example is missing some, in all likelihood, needed elements. So have a read in the manual :-)

(typos corrected)

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