We have a requirement for running multiple suites in parallel in our software testing services.

Below are the 3 approaches that I have tried so far:

  1. Added parallel_tests in Gemfile.
  2. Added 'require parallel_tests' in rake file

  3. Created 02 nodes and also created a Grid Console for execution of both the nods in parallel

Result: Only one node gets executed successfully instead of executing both of them in parallel.

Configurations used are:

Language: Ruby 2.3

Mac: 10.2.3 version

Rpsec, rake file framework structure

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There are a few gems for running RSpec in parallel:




RSpec also provides filtering options (doc here). With that, you can do rspec --tag module_X.

Using this feature, you could make a native parallelization: rspec -t module_Y & rspec -t module_X & rspec -t module_Z

You would have to merge the reports somehow, though.

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