I've been using Selenium for awhile and I know many testers have compiled lists of standard security compliance types of tests to perform, like are listed here

These fall into a list of tests that are performed on every web site for basic security compliance, a short list here:

  • Form Fields: Visible and Hidden
    • Escape codes
    • SQL Injections
    • Non-ascii, Unicode vs UTF-8
  • URLs
    • Query String Manipulations


Question: Since these tests are commonly repeated and fairly generic, has anyone compiled a list of Tests created with Selenium that target these well known security compliance related issues?

Some granular extensions based on common security compliance checks like this:

public static class WebDriverComplianceExtensions
    public static void InputOneSixty(this IWebDriver driver, By by)
        var input = driver.WaitUntil(d => d.FindElement(by));
        input.SendKeys(" ");

And hopefully some sort of intelligent extensions like:

IWebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();
// some page navigation...

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Selenium is not an ideal tool for this kind of testing. There are existing tools, which will be better suited to the task - Opening a browser, rendering the page and all the associated overhead is wasteful when conducting security testing!

I suggest Burp suite or OWASP ZAP, depending on your full set of use cases and available budget.

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