Bit of a newbie so apologies if I'm missing something obvious.

Im trying to loop through some checkboxes to ascertain if they are selected or not and I am getting an unresolved attribute reference for is_selected.

It seems to not like the self_checkboxes locator in my example below:

class Checkboxes(BasePage):
    _checkboxes = {"by": By.CSS_SELECTOR, "value": 'input[type="checkbox"]'}
    _title_ = {"by": By.CSS_SELECTOR, "value": "#content > div > h3"}

    def __init__(self, driver):
        self.driver = driver
        assert self._is_displayed(self._title_)

    def is_checkbox_selected(self):
        self._wait_for_is_displayed(self._checkboxes, 5)
        print("\nWith .is_selected")
        for checkbox in self._checkboxes:
        assert self._checkboxes[-1].is_selected()

Any ideas why this is?

  • Your for loop is going to get the strings by and value, as that's what happens when you iterate over a python dict . . . – ernie Oct 18 '17 at 19:28

is_selected() is a method available on a WebElement instance which is returned by the driver.find_element_by_*() methods. In your case, I would expect you to have something like this:

checkbox_element = self.driver.find_element(**self._checkboxes)
assert checkbox_element.is_selected()
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