Here I'm assigning CSV file on the basis of loop count so that done by using __iterationNum() JMeter custom function (custom JMeter Function plugin added to JMeter) But this stuff is not working for me so I used this function like this:

> D:\datas\latandlong\IndiaAddress\address${__iterationNum}.cs‌v FilePath name in CSV dataset config but not getting a result is there any other way to use this function I don't know about that.

So how to use this function if anybody having an idea please tell me.

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I don't think you will be able to use CSV Data Set Config this way so I would suggest considering using __CSVRead() or __StringFromFile() functions instead.

JMeter CSVRead StringFromFile

More information: Apache JMeter Functions - An Introduction

You can also reach out to JMeter Developers via JMeter Users Mailing List to clarify the expected behavior of the CSV Data Set Config, i.e. whether you can change CSV file path dynamically using JMeter functions or variables.

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