In JMeter i am using for load Test Uber like application so here in First thread group user login and and he will made one request for ride and in second thread group Drive Login he will accept the request and he will start ride from source and he will complete the trip when he reach the destination. so here i simulating such scenario that 10 user and 3 driver so here request will come from the 10 user it will go to 3 drivers so they will first complete 3 request and it is keep on move up-to 9(i did it for using loop controller) request means 9th user request and one user request will remains. (10th user )so Here 3 driver will start the trip for 10th user and it is going for infinity (not completing) so that should not happened and so how to restrict it for one driver should accept one user request and completer the trip . and i used beanshell assertion to inter link the thread it is working fine. problem how to assign reaming user for only one driver. i don't know how to do that JMeter is there any thing possible please tell me with simple demo.enter image description here


I think the easiest solution would be going for Inter-Thread Communication plugin, this way you can make threads of Driver-Thread Group to wait for threads from the User-Thread Group.

See SynchronizationPluginsExample.jmx for using Inter-Thread Communication Pre and Post Processors for passing the data between thread groups.

You can install Inter-Thread Communication Plugin using JMeter Plugins Manager

JMeter Inter Thread Communication

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