If I use any cloud provider (eg SauceLabs, AWS Device Farm etc) for testing my native android and iOS apps, is there a way to determine if the test was being run on a real device or an emulator.

I need this check to verify the authenticity of the results. My appium code is written in Java. Is there any library or method I can call that verifies if the test is being run on a real device or an emulator?

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Not sure about any library existence, but from the official SauceLabs response: one can use TestObject to utilize real devices and SauceLabs main resource to conduct testing on emulators/simulators. Hopefully this helps.


Here are the device lists for AWS DeviceFarm, Xamarin Test Cloud, and SauceLabs TestObject. I have worked with each and they all accept a device identifier (defined in desired capabilities or via command line param). You get this Name or ID by picking from a list that clearly labels if it is a real device. I haven't found/looked for any emulators/simulators in my use of the products so I can't say if they even have them.

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