New folder is not displayed as a separate folder. Instead, it is created as a sub folder of an existing one

Please, has anyone encountered this problem ? In M/S Visual Studio, a new folder is created as a sub-folder to an existing one. This is not the way it should work.

To create a new folder (as a separate folder on the tree), I right click the main C# icon (in this case, CV_Lib_Test) and select add >> Folder.

But the folder is created as a sub-folder under the "Menu" folder.

I have also done a google search from here

I am aware that i can Rename a copied folder - as work around.

But, I just wanted to know if anyone has been able to solve this issue before ?

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NewFolder1 folder is not created as sub-folder of menu folder, Visual Studio just alphabetically sorts it. If VS would create NewFolder1 as sub-folder of menu, you wont' be able to see it unless menu folder is expanded (in your screenshot it is collapsed). Hopefully this clears out the picture.


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