We use spyOn(this,"_new") to track a function call in jasmine. I need to check the children method call in jasmine. My code sample is given below,

Sample code:

function perform(option) {

My question is how to check the this.perform.sum(option.a+option.b) has been called with spyOn() in jasmine JavaScript?

I have tried the below way, but it was not worked as much I expected?

it("If we pass  arguments to the perform method, ensuring that the sum method has been called or not", function(done) {

    var option={a:10,b:6};



But above code has not worked. And also, I had posted an issue regarding this npm-jasmine:Issues. The Question details are given below:

how to check children method has been called in jasmine test cases

Can anybody tell me, how to check the children method call in jasmine using spyOn()?

  • Could you post the complete reproducible example? It's difficult to follow the this usage - do you have the test in the same file as the code under test?
    – alecxe
    Nov 15, 2017 at 14:31


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