How to pass values that generated in one thread group into another thread group?

Ex:-Random 10 numbers generating in my 1st thread group i want to pass that generated 10 numbers to my second and third thread groups.



Depending on what you're trying to achieve:

  1. In 1st Thread Group you can use __setProperty() function to set some value. In 2nd Thread Group you can use __P() function to refer the value, set in the 1st Thread Group

    JMeter Pass Values Between Thread Groups

    See Knit One Pearl Two: How to Use Variables in Different Thread Groups article for more detailed explanation if you need it.

  2. If you need not only to pass the values, but set up some form of synchronization - go for Inter-Thread Communication Plugin which is capable of passing values between JMeter threads (even residing in different Thread Groups) via some form of FIFO queue.

    You can install the plugin using JMeter Plugins Manager

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