I am a new user and have never used Selenium although have read lots on the official site. The amount of manual checks, versions and incomplete or add-ons are quite daunting to someone coming in for the first time. I Have knowledge of C++ and a software development background but i am struggling in the field of web testing (coming from embedded electronics which was almost a science).

Can someone help with a PRACTICAL how to guide on Selendroid? Examples would be:

  1. Download and install (easy this one)
  2. Setup install
  3. Launch 1st App
  4. Framework environment

There are so many you tubers and each video is a different build, platform or for a different programming language. Good software developers always have standard best practiсes. I am used to the professionalism of perforce and quite frankly, the open source (and not corporate paid license world) is far more messier and (i think harder) to learn new technologies.

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