Now that I have generated the report dashboard after the JMeter test run, I want to share the same via email to concerned members and stakeholders. Please suggest how can I do the aforementioned task!

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  • If are asking how to send a file via email then I'm not sure the "stakeholders" will need this report as if a person is not capable of accomplishing this simple activity I strongly doubt the load report is relevant
  • If you need to do it using JMeter - you can pack the folder with the dashboard report using OS Process Sampler and SMTP Sampler (it will be a separate JMeter test of course)
  • If you are running your test using a Continuous Integration solution check out your CI server plugins, for instance there is Email-ext plugin for Jenkins.
  • Many thanks for your time! Post running the test I have the report dashboard saved in a folder somewhere on my system (maybe on Desktop). Now that folder has an index.html file opening which I can view the results of my test. How do I share the same over the email to others? Commented Jan 2, 2018 at 7:37

In my experience, it is less value to share file created by automation or performance tool with stakeholders. They will not understand it. What I would suggest you is to create a short presentation (7-15 min) to present the results and answer the possible questions.


Well in my opinion if you like you can place the folder in a webserver like IIS and host a site, and send the link to the stakeholders, that ways you have to update the result set with every run, and you can do the automation around it.


Copy .csv file for same test within the same folder and make it zip and can share that zip file with anyone :)

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