I am trying to run TestCase in Firefox browser.

Result is : Firefox browser opens, but URL is not loading.

FIREFOX browser - 53

Selenium- webdriver - 3.6.0

NPM - 3.10.10

Protractor - 5.2.2


     var SpecReporter = require('jasmine-spec-reporter').SpecReporter;
     var Jasmine2HtmlReporter = require('protractor-jasmine2-html-
     var fs = require('fs');
     require('protractor/built/logger').Logger.logLevel = 1;
  exports.config = {

framework: 'jasmine2',
specs : './Spec/LIST/ListPage_EM_Acc_Spec.js',
capabilities: {
    'browserName': 'firefox',
    'moz:firefoxOptions': {
        'args': ['--safe-mode']
allScriptsTimeout: 500000,
ignoreUncaughtExceptions: true,
jasmineNodeOpts: {
    isVerbose: true,
    showColors: true,
    includeStackTrace: true,
    displaySpecDuration: true,
    defaultTimeoutInterval: 360000,
    print: function () {
onPrepare: function(){
    browser.manage().window().maximize();          // set browser size...
    global.isAngularSite = function(flag){
        browser.driver.ignoreSynchronization = !flag;
    // Remove files in Specified Directory

    jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(new SpecReporter({
        spec: {
            displayStacktrace: true,
            displayFailuresSummary: true
    var jasmineReporters = require('jasmine-reporters');
    jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(new jasmineReporters.JUnitXmlReporter({
        consolidateAll: true,
        savePath: './Reports/JunitXMLprotractor-result/',
        cleanDestination: true,
        filePrefix: 'xmloutput'
        new Jasmine2HtmlReporter({
            savePath: './Reports/Screenshots/',
            takeScreenshots: true,
            takeScreenshotsOnlyOnFailures: true,
            consolidateAll: true,
            showPassed: true,
            // filePrefix: sessionId + 'AutomationReport',
            filePrefix: 'AutomationReport',
            cleanDestination: true,

  • I'm trying to reproduce your problem but there's some information you still need to provide, such as: 1 - if you run Firefox on directConnect or using selenium Server 2 - what happens if you do not use the moz:firefoxOptions key 3 - the version of geckodriver used will help as well 4 - is it an Angular app, or not 5 - have you ever ran any tests using Protractor on Firefox? Dec 27 '17 at 13:19
  • Thanks for reply Raul. 1.Tried Both. But will use Direct connect 2. Browser just open's and stays 3.geckodriver 0.10.0 4.launching page is not angular ,after navigation to other page is angular. 5.With firefox trying for first. Have run with chrome. working like charm.
    – Bustaq
    Dec 28 '17 at 8:33
  • Would suggest to first clean up your config file. Dec 30 '17 at 0:31

Keasav, I understood your problem after your reply, and what's causing that behavior is the (very) old version of the geckodriver that you are using and the Firefox version as well.

1 - So the latest geckodriver version is 0.19.1 (and yours is 0.10.0, but many changes have been included since that build was released), and the latest Firefox is now at 57 (but you're using 53).

2 - I just ran a few tests on the Firefox v57 using geckodriver v0.19.1 and everything is fine using the Selenium Server, as well as using directConnect: true. The capabilities used are exactly the same as those you provided in your question.

3 - Consider updating your Firefox and geckodriver.

4 - Don't forget to update your webdriver-manager. The current version is 12.0.6. To find what version you're using, execute webdriver-manager version.

5 - As an advice, when facing a problem with different browsers, it's easy to find the solution if you're using a sandbox project, just to be sure that the browser binaries are the ones you want. For example, in the capabilities object, you can specify the firefoxPath value.

6 - Read the following details provided by the maintainers: https://github.com/angular/protractor/issues/3823#issuecomment-273615047

  • Thanks Raul. After upgrading the geckodriver to latest version and ff latest. URL is loading.
    – Bustaq
    Jan 2 '18 at 10:31

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