Where to get installer for older Firefox version?

For testing, I often need particular version and language mutation of particular browser, and Google often leads to sites that tend to either serve FF in my local language, or only in en_US.

Where is some nice directory of every version and every language build ever made?

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One of the nicest directories is official FTP.


  • official
  • organized per OS/arch
  • organized per version (including Beta, Aurora and Nightly builds)
  • organized per language

However, the FTP directory doesn't have as many mirrors as the official Releases server. Therefore, the FTP directory is great, but if you're going to be downloading many of the release installers or linking to them (thereby generating a lot of traffic), you want to use the Releases server, to avoid putting tons of pressure on the FTP directory.

  • @strugee Thanks for improving the answer. Could you point us to list of mirrors? May 19, 2012 at 12:58

I was going to mention http://www.oldapps.com/category/browsers

But for Firefox-specific needs, the official FTP site is best.


There is an alternative way to get a specific browser version - use browserstack service. It can fire up almost any browser on almost any operating system.

You can also run your selenium tests on browserstack, see Selenium Cloud Testing.


We use Utilu for Firefox and IE versions. Not only does it have the old versions, but also the latest overnight and beta builds too.

The thing I particularly like about Utilu is that each version is standalone, and so you don't have to install and re-install when you need to do some compatibility testing.

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