I am using the concept of the simple controller. 1. I have created an SC "X" in which, using multiple HTTP requests. 2. Created another SC "Y" in which, using multiple HTTP requests.

After running these two SC, I want to run SC "X" requests again, before another SC "Z".But don't want to create another SC to perform the task of SC "X".

Please Suggest in this.

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Add a Module Controller where do you want to execute your SC "X" and configure it to run SC "X" like:

JMeter Module Controller

Once you run your test the Module Controller will execute SC "X" (including all children)

JMeter Module Controller

More information: Easily Write a GOTO Statement in JMeter

  • Thanks, Dmitri I was using the Module Controller but did not think, to do the same with this.
    – Anil Kumar
    Jan 5, 2018 at 12:35

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