I am having a problem downloading a file using selenium. I had to use selenium to hover over some menus and finally got to the last link which I need to click and reveal 30 zipped files that have a href link. I want to click on each link and download. What libraries do I have to make this available to me? This is my problem:

Need to click the following links:


When hovering my mouse over the first corp_sub3, I see this URL pop up in windows explorer:

Upon clicking in selenium, I get a "do you want to open or save dialog" box at the bottom. I'm not able to use selenium to choose the save option for some reason. What options do I have? I can only use internet explorer for this problem.



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I figured it out. I used pyautogui to click save when the small box appears. So first, I downloaded pyautogui in python3. Then, I got the position of my cursor to point to the save button and captured the coordinate using

pos = pyautogui.position() 

then I used


and it worked.

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