I'm having issues looking for this specific input:
<input type="text" class="criteriaFieldInput ui-autocomplete-input" id="KEYWORD" isautosuggest="true" suggestid="1" isolf="false" isphrase="false" value="0090653 " autocomplete="off" role="textbox" aria-autocomplete="list" aria-haspopup="true">

I tried the following solution from this question.
but still wasn't able to get it to resolve

I'm always getting this output:
selenium.common.exceptions.NoSuchElementException: Message: Unable to locate element: //*[@id="KEYWORD"]

Does anyone have any other solution I can try to solve this?


This XPATH is wrong. You have to change to //*[@id='KEYWORD']

But you can find with ID driver.find_element_by_id("KEYWORD")

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