I need to create test automation of the Adobe AIR application.

In application under test there are lots of custom controls, input/output and drag and drop operations.

Now I'm thinking about Flex Monkey and a tool, which performs screenshot-based automation.

Flex Monkey has a lot of restrictions, and screenshot-based tools are slow. And what do you think about this?


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We were able to successfully automate UI validation with FlexMonkey.

  • I agree forums and discussions are quite less (gorilla logic forum is the only forum which has good set of discussion items)
  • Application load time, running scripts is little slow but its manageable
  • If you have any specific issues you can post in the forum

Please check below links. This was useful for me to get started and good reference material - http://www.jamesward.com/2011/03/02/testing-flex-apps-with-flexmonkey-reloaded/


Adobe Air offers great usability support. Once your app developer supports usability (controls have good names, etc), there are plenty of tools to drive Air using the usability handles. Plenty of tools listed here, Selenium is quite popular. If it runs on the desktop, any usability tool should work.

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