Is there any way to get the LoadRunner Performance Center result (Whether test is Pass or Fail) to an email which continuous integrated using Jenkins.

I have configured LoadRunner Performance center tests with Jenkins jobs. But it gives me a link to results location in the console view like below screenshot.

Screenshot - Console output

Here is the screenshot of the email I'm getting now. But I want to get the Performance center test result (Pass/Fail) to this email body.

Screenshot - Email body

  • But the subject line says 'Successful'. It would also say 'Unstable' if the SLAs have been missed and would call 'Failed' if there were errors. – petwolfe May 30 at 19:45
  • yes @petwolfe. But my question is to get a detailed email alert for every trigger. – Methmal Godage Jun 12 at 18:55

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