I have one doubt regarding Simple and Transaction controller

MY Process is -> Goto Url -> Sign_in -> Create order

I recorded the script

Thread Group

My_page(Simple Controller)

api 1 api2 api3 (fails)

Page_Sigin_in(Simple Controller)

api1 api2 api3 api4


like this am having in my jmx file

and i run the script in NON-GUI mode and created the dashboard Result

I open the index.html file -> view the result

Result is show for each single API

so it is hard to identify each module api

if single api fails it will show it separately

so i used Transaction Controller , it will consolidate the Api and gives the result for each controller,

but if single api fails it's not showing the error result in dashboard

Any solution for this ?

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  • Simple Controller is basically a container for nested requests for logically grouping
  • Transaction Controller can act in 2 modes:

    1. Response time for each request plus cumulative time of all nested requests (if Generate parent sample box is not checked)
    2. Only cumulative time of nested requests (if Generate parent sample box is checked)

So make sure that Generate parent sample box is not ticked and you should have consistent behavior for both scenarios.

More information: Using JMeter's Transaction Controller


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