I would like to know what skills and qualities one must muster to project himself as a dynamic QA Manager or Lead. I often hear the management in my organization telling me that I don't come up with a road map for the team and this is something that they would like in the person leading the QA team. What exactly is a road map and how to prepare one? What other skills (or habits) need to be developed?

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There are some qualities a QA Lead/manager should possess like

  • Determining, negotiating and agreeing on in-house quality procedures
  • Knowledge of standards and specifications
  • Customer requirements
  • Investigating and setting standards
  • Ensuring processes
  • Operating staff
  • Writing management and technical reports
  • Manage Client
  • Analyzing training needs for the team
  • Maximize profitability
  • Analyzing and distributing statistical information
  • Monitoring performance
  • Supervising staff

Road map is a kind of simplified project plan. There are some qualities that I believe one should obtain to be successful manager:

  • You should always know what you talk about. This makes people trust you.
  • You should know what developers talk about. This will let you advocate your qa team deliverables more effectively
  • You should see and understand all the factors which impact on your application quality
  • You should always look for improvements in your and your team's work
  • You should look ahead for several steps. This is what a road map will help you with.
  • You should be ready for failures
  • You should be ready to justify your failures (in lot of peoples' minds there is an opinion that QA is only responsible for uncaught bugs).
  • You should be ready to tell the people unpleasant things (sometimes bad things to the good people)
  • You should always be able to explain a complex thing in simple words
  • You should always look for the balance between the scope, resources and time.
  • You should build the process not to be dependent on an individual. That will reduce the project risks.
  • You should look for the balance between your team member goals and project goals.

In my opinion a must-have is being able to see beyond the QA department. Quality manager is not a Quality-testing manager. Quality starts from the inception, up to customer support. A GOOD QA manager must let everyone understand that the quality of the product and the service is everyone's responsibility. Considering testing as the only responsibility of a QA manager is counterproductive. A bug-free product is only part of the solution, and sometimes is not the most important one.

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