While running test I use different test-suites (xml files with list of tests to execute). E.g. I need to run smoke-tests so I choose corresponding xml with simplest tests (login/logout; selecting main tabs; check that data is displayed).

But in generated report there are all test that are in the project (all methods with @Test annotation). And tests that have not been executed have statuses passed, failed; this information misleading to conclusion that we have tested more than we actually did.

How can I fix this? I need correct information about test execution (without misleading information that there are some more tests have been executed)

The same is inside report; report states that all tests were executed, and some are even passed (but they actually have not even started).

P.S.: If it is not fixable, how do you deal with this (getting results for a subset of tests of your project)?

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After cleaning test results new report is generated without tests that are not included in test suite (xml).

Because I am using maven the command to clean results is:

mvn clean


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  • I am also facing the same issue, could you please elaborate what was the problem and how did you solve it. Apr 4, 2018 at 5:09
  • @NikunjAggarwal , I did not study background of the problem because solution was fast and simple: to clean allure report before test execution. Apr 4, 2018 at 9:09

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