• One can clone a test plan from Microsoft Test Manager 2017 (desktop application).
  • How is that done from the TFS Test Hub (TFS web interface)?


  • In Microsoft Test Manager 2017, one can clone a test plan; see documentation Copying and cloning test suites and test cases and screenshot: Clone a test plan
  • Microsoft seems to be moving more and more of the Microsoft Test Manager features into the TFS web interface called TFS Test Hub Test hub
  • However, not all features of Microsoft Test Manager seem to be available in the TFS web interface
  • Now, I'm not sure whether the clone feature hasn't been implemented yet, or whether I haven't found it yet on the UI or whether there is a new concept which replaces the cloning of a test plan


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Until some time ago, the feature wasn't available on the web UI. That's why I didn't find it. But the feature was available on the backend as a service, so the documentation said to call a URL:

However now, it is also possible via the web UI. There is a Copy test plan menu entry in the hamburger menu:

enter image description here

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