I have two requests:

  • The first one is in a loop controller with the count as 4. I have implemented a Regular Expression Extractor for this request.
  • The second request is outside loop and this consumes the value extracted via the Regular Expression Extractor reference name.
  • I have given the reference name comma separated but it just takes the same value extracted from the 4th loop of the first aforementioned request.
  • How can I have all four different values extracted and passed as comma separated in the second request that resides outside loop?

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  1. Add JSR223 PostProcessor after the Regular Expression Extractor
  2. Put the following code into "Script" area:

    def myVar = vars.get('foo')
    if (myVar == null) {
       myVar = ''
    myVar += vars.get('your_var_from_regex') + ','
    vars.put('foo', myVar)
  3. Replace your_var_from_regex with the Reference Name of the JMeter Variable you defined in the Regular Expression Extractor
  4. You will be able to refer concatenated, comma-separated value as ${foo} where required.

Example test plan structure:

JMeter Concatenate Variables

More information: Apache Groovy - Why and How You Should Use It

  • Dmitri Many Thanks first of all! I don't have much idea about groovy. The code you suggested gives value like: "159010153123,159010153134," whereas I want value like: "159010150780","159010150776" So I want to put "" after each value and omit the comma at the last. Please suggest! Mar 1, 2018 at 6:06

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