[{ "externalKey": "1", "customerDetails": { "address": { "address": "111 Bourke St", "country": "AU", "postcode": "3044", "state": "Victoria", "unitOrBuilding": "1" }, "emailAddress":"[email protected], "phoneNumberInternational": "+61360000001"



{ "externalKey": "2", "customerDetails": { "address": { "address": "111 Bourke St", "country": "AU", "postcode": "3044", "state": "Victoria", "unitOrBuilding": "1" }, "emailAddress":"[email protected], "phoneNumberInternational": "+61360000002"


The external key, email address and telephone numbers must be unique in each request.

I have created a code in RunSwift tool to generate the bulk API requests and then aligned the requests in website and then copied/pasted them in JMeter.

I believe the above approach has lot of manual dependancies. Hence I would like to know if there is a way to automatically populate the values in JMeter and generate random values for 3 variables (key, email and phone) every time I submit the HTTP request.

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It is, check out the following JMeter Functions:

  • __Random() - generates a random number in the given range
  • __RandomString() - generates a random string from the given characteres

Example use cases:

  • For phone: +${__Random(1111111111,9999999999,)}
  • For email: ${__RandomString(10,abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz,)}@example.com


JMeter Random Demo

See Apache JMeter Functions - An Introduction for more information on JMeter Functions concept:

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