I do not see the option to "generate step definitions" in Specflow.

I have installed the Specflow add-on by going to: Tools >> Extensions And Updates

I have also added NUnit3 Test Adapter.

In troubleshooting, I have changed the feature file name. I thought that it will then allow me to generate new step definitions - when I right click on the feature file- I do not see any option to create step definations. I have attached a screen shot of feature file in Windows Explorer.

I have tried re-installing SpecFlow & SpecFlow.NUnit - as per this article.

In addition, I installed SpecRun. SpecFlow as per this article.

Also, I am using V/Studio 2015 Community Edition.

enter image description here

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Right Click In The Code Editor (And Not The Solution Explorer) And The Option To "Generate Step Definitions" Is There.

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