In UFT, my code return nothing (In watch it'll show as empty - user defined datatype)

And I am trying to validate returned value isempty or isnull But it's ignore the statements and going further.

Bellow is the snippet for understanding

var t = Environment("VALUE1") '' VALUE1 not present in environment variable if isempty(t) or isnull(t) then '' In watch t is holding empty with userdefined msgbox "EMPTY" else msgbox "NOT EMPTY" endif

in above example, isempty(t) is returning empty and it's executing msgbox "EMPTY".

My doubt is how to handle empty conditions if it's userdefined? Mostly I am facing mentioned problem while working with environment variable or database.

  • Similar issue while fetching data from DB, evaluated statement is Empty with user defined type – SQA_LEARN Jul 17 '18 at 21:58

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