When I generate dashboard report in Jmeter, the graph have several lines of various thread groups on the graphs showing various statistics of the test. But I want a single line in the graph showing the overall performance of the test. Anybody has any suggestions????

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As per current JMeter version (JMeter 4.0) it is something which is not supported.

The options are in:

  1. Go for Composite Timeline Graph where you can combine as many charts into single one as you want. You can install Composite Timeline Graph using JMeter Plugins Manager

    JMeter Composite Timeline Chart

  2. Use a 3rd-party results analysis tool like BM.Sense which provides Composite Timeline Analysis tab, basically the same as in point 1 but with extended functionality, via fancy web interface and having possibility to export the chart into professionally-looking PDF

    BlazeMeter Sense Composite Timeline

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