I'm working on a mobile automation task where I need to run test suites in parallel for 3 different iOS apps. Each test suite has its own testng.xml with a section configured to run on a device.

I tried mvn clean test -Dthreads=3 -Dsuites=full path 1 to the suite, full path 2 to the suite, full path 3 to the suite

Here threads and suites are properties defined in pom.xml. It looks like the suiteXMLFile in pom.xml cannot take absolute path. It works fine, when I do: mvn clean test -Dthreads=1 -Dsuites=src/test/resources/testng.xml.

How do I run the suites on all 3 devices in parallel with the test suites lying in 3 different folders pointing to 3 different devices?

Appreciate help.

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From TestNG documentation:

5.11.1 - Parallel suites

This is useful if you are running several suite files (e.g. "java org.testng.TestNG testng1.xml testng2.xml") and you want each of these suites to be run in a separate thread. You can use the following command line flag to specify the size of a thread pool:

java org.testng.TestNG -suitethreadpoolsize 3 testng1.xml testng2.xml testng3.xml

The corresponding ant task name is suitethreadpoolsize.

To set this up using Maven Surefire Plugin (as shown in their examples):


Then the command line would be:

mvn clean test -Dthreads=3 -Dsuite1=<full path 1 to the suite> -Dsuite2=<full path 2 to the suite> -Dsuite3=<full path 3 to the suite>

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