So, I am accessing an application. There are multiple employee records. However, there are no duplicate records. I am deleting an employee record and then trying to verify that the employee record has actually deleted. I am trying to find the employee name using xpath and using isPresent function. The problem is that though the employee record is deleted the output is always returning

Employee present: true

Here is the piece of code that I am using:

it('Delete Employee', function() {
        var employeelist_page = login_page.clickLoginButton();
        var greetings = employeelist_page.greetingText();
        var empName = employeelist_page.getEmployeeName('Master Shifu');
        empName.getText().then(function(text) {
            console.log('Empoyee record to be deleted, found: ' + text);
        employeelist_page.getEmployee('Master Shifu').click();
        var EC = protractor.ExpectedConditions;
        browser.wait(EC.alertIsPresent(), 5000, "Alert is not getting present :(")
                    var employeelist_page1 = require('../page/employeelist_page.js');
                    employeelist_page1.getEmployee('Master Shifu').isPresent().then(function(isPresent){
                            console.log('Employee present: true');
                        } else {
                            console.log('Employee present: false');


Here is the output:

*Empoyee record to be deleted, found: Master Shifu

Employee present: true

Here is the list of functions in employee page:

var employeelist_page=function(){
        return element('greetings')).getText();
        return require('./create_page.js');
        return require('./edit_page.js');
        //return element(by.cssContainingText("#employee-list > li", empname));
        return element(by.xpath("//ul[@id='employee-list']/li[contains(text(),'" + empname + "')]"));

        //return element(by.cssContainingText("#employee-list > li", empname));
        return element(by.xpath("//ul[@id='employee-list']/li[contains(text(),'" + empname + "')]")).getText();

        //element(by.xpath('//ul[@id="employee-list"]/li[contains(text(),"Vladimir Putin")]')).click();
    //  getEmployee().click();

module.exports=new employeelist_page();
  • Do you mean: Master Shifu or 'Master Shifu' ? – Vishal Aggarwal May 15 at 22:44
  • Yes Vishal, it's 'Master Shifu'. While writing the question I replaced the variable value with this constant and at that time, I forgot the quotes. – Aalok May 16 at 6:03
  • Ok.Please share the 'getEmployee' method code as it is central to this problem. – Vishal Aggarwal May 16 at 20:27
  • Hi Vishal, updated the question to include the functions on Employee page – Aalok May 18 at 0:23
  • Check for 'isDisplayed' instead of 'isPresent'. – Vishal Aggarwal May 18 at 11:21
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Put a expected Condition to wait for page re-load after confirmation of delete pop-up. Basically as I understand ,you need to give sometime to get the element removed from the DOM.

Example Code:

var EC =protractor.ExpectedConditions; 
// Waits for the element with id 'abc' to be no longer present on the dom. 

browser.wait(EC.stalenessOf($('#abc')), 5000,"Element still exists");

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