I'm curious which files I should be checking for on a typical image upload feature. This particular one I'm testing is for a profile picture.

Things I'm already checking for:

  • Image file size (e.g. < 1MB)
  • Image dimensions (e.g. 200x200 pixels or less)
  • Image file extensions only (e.g. png/jpg/jpeg/gif etc)
  • Image Mime types only (e.g. image/png)

Are there any other common things to check for with this? I feel like I might be forgetting to check for some important security issue. The file extension and mime types cover most issues I can think of.

  • "Image Mime types only (e.g. image/png)" what do you mean?
    – Alexey R.
    Jun 4, 2018 at 21:38

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Needs to consider the following also

  1. Verify by adding a file or a pdf should throw invalid file format error message
  2. Verify if drag and drop functionality is working or not
  3. Verify drag and drop multiple image files
  4. verify once a new pic is uploaded the old pic should not display anywhere
  5. Verify the image upload functionality in mobile devices.

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