I need to include in my test scenarios a way to determine which environment they are being executed in. We have BVT (build verification test) and a UAT (user Acceptance Test) environments. Within our solution we have environment.ts files for each of our environments and I have access to the files:

  • environment.bvt.ts
  • environment.uat.ts
  • environment.ts

My question is:

  • How do I alter my test so that when it runs in a particular environment (through a Bamboo CI build)

Example of my login test is below

describe('Environment', function (){
    it('Environment selection', function (){
        cy.get('span.mat-button-wrapper').contains('Log In').click()

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My colleague and I have worked out how to do this.

I had to create a Cypress.env.json which contains a property and value that I want to use. Then in my test I replace the




Then in the bamboo build process we can specify which environment to call by using something along the lines of:

cypress run --env host=kevin.dev.local,api_server=http://localhost:8888/api/v1

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