I am running Jmeter, request as beow. I Am getting Response code: 400 I may be due to the format of the parameters which send for the request. I have recoded requested via blazermeter. It automatically selected the tick "include equals", no idea what is that too.

HTTP request with Parameter

Then I got Response code: 400 error as sample request results. Please consult on this matter

Sample Request Results

Sample Request

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You're sending your JSON payload in a wrong way, you either should move everything into "Value" field of the HTTP Request sampler:

JMeter JSON as Parameter

Or switch to "Body Data" tab and put your JSON request body there:

JMeter JSON Body Data

See REST API Testing - How to Do it Right article for more information on how to properly configure JMeter for API testing.


Http code 400 in essence means a bad request. Refer to HTTP codes for details. In your case the request payload appears to be json (make sure that its a valid json) and should be sent as 'Body Data' instead of as 'Parameters' like you've done.


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