enter image description hereusing regular expression [![ from responsedata we need to extract testqa1 and testsampleqa1]3

i want values if i put ${testqa 1}and${ testsampleqa1 } and so on how to do that can u pls help me forthis issue

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In the regular expression field use this data:

a href = "test.(.*?).com/(.*?)/(.*?)"

In Template field, add $2$$3$

Leave the default value field blank.

To pass the extracted testqa1, use ${TestValues_g2}, to extract testsampleqa1, use ${TestValues_g3} where you want to pass them. If you want to combine the extracted value and pass it, then use ${TestValues1_g2}${TestValues1_g3} together, without space.

To capture all the values, use three regular expression extractor. In each one, use a different variable for storing the value eg. TestValues1, TestValues2, TestValues3. So, for extracting value from test.gmail.com, enter 1 in match no. column in 1st regular expression. For extracting value from test.bing.com, enter 2 in match no. column in 2nd regular expression and so on.

  • use ${TestValues_g1},${TestValues_g2} these two values where can i add ? means in regular expression ??
    – Guruganesh
    Jun 8, 2018 at 6:27
  • I need to capture all the values after the slash from the below url. a href = "test.gmail.com/testqa1/testsampleqa1" a href = "test.bing.com/testqa2/testsampleqa2" a href = "test.yahoo.com/testqa3/testsampleqa3" For above activity please use "Dummey Sampler" , after the extract the values i need to pass captured values with single variable as shown below. i.e test.gmail.com/${extractvariable} this my requirement can u pls suggest me
    – Guruganesh
    Jun 8, 2018 at 6:32
  • @Guruganesh Use these ${TestValues_g2} where you want to enter the extracted value. I have edited the answer, according to your doubts, kindly read it from the beginning..
    – Rishikesh
    Jun 8, 2018 at 7:15
  • tq so much rishikesh
    – Guruganesh
    Jun 8, 2018 at 7:32

IF you want to extract all the values after the slash use the following regular expression


in the template field use $1$2$ as we have 2 matching groups one for each matching group

If you want to extract all values you can use -1 Match no as shown below.

and Name your regular expression extractor as TestValues as shown below

enter image description here

Above expression will extract all 3 values and stores the values in

TestValue_1_g1 TestValue_1_g2
TestValue_2_g1 TestValue_2_g2
TestValue_3_g1 TestValue_3_g2

Group 1 stores the domain name and Group 2 stores the value after slash

as shown below

enter image description here

use variables

    ${TestValue_1_g1} ${TestValue_1_g2}
    ${TestValue_2_g1} ${TestValue_2_g2}
    ${TestValue_3_g1} ${TestValue_3_g2}

where you want to replace the values eg : to pass extracted variables


IF you want to extract a random value from 3 values you can use 0 instaead of -1 match number in regular expression extractor

and use ${TestValue_g1} ${TestValue_g2} to replace, so you can use the following


Use this website for testing your regular expression For more information on regular expression extractors read this article

Please let me know if it helps..

  • tq so much rohit
    – Guruganesh
    Jun 11, 2018 at 8:00

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