i want to print custom message with passed passed, Thanks in advance

  • which jasmine reporter package you are calling for reporting? – Vishal Aggarwal Jul 12 '18 at 1:09

Jasmine documentation explains how to create a custom reporter: https://jasmine.github.io/tutorials/custom_reporter

However, maybe there is already some that you can use (or modify) to fit your needs. See the following:




You may use Jasmine Custom Matchers

We can override the default messaging in the Jasmine reporter by defining the custom matcher in the global scope and overriding the default message variable as follows:

beforeEach(function () {
        toReport: function () {
            return {
                compare: function (actual, expected, msg) {
                    var result = {pass: actual == expected};
                    result.message = msg;
                    return result;

And it can be used in expect statements like below inside err function block:

expect(true).toReport(true, "Perform operation X succesfully because of " + customSuccessMessage); 

expect(false).toReport(true, "Unable to perform required operation because of " + err.message); 

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