I use Katalon Studio for my test automation. It comes with an in-built script editor (Groovy).

So, I can use Groovy's power assert that gives me a nice and detailed output message when the assert fails.

However, some other non-technical (or less-technical) staff would like to run automated tests themselves. And their problem is they are unable to correctly interpret the fail message.

I know I can use assert expression1 : expression2 for printing the custom message, but I really prefer the power assert output.

Is there a way to have both custom message and power assert message?


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This was answered here. In short:

It is possible to add the message as a String to an assertion:

assert "a custom message" && expression

Since a non-empty String is truthy in Groovy, the assertion will only fail –and produce output– if the expression is falsey + you'll get power assertion output from it.

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