What's the difference between ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst certification vs ISTQB Test automation engineer certification?

How can a manual tester with no automation testing project experience prepare for these exams? which one should prepare first?

thank you.

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    if you have no experience with automated testing, then I am wondering why you would want to get certification for automated testing? what value do you expect from it? – Pieter A Jun 18 '18 at 11:53

The different syllabus sections relevant for each level can be found here:

https://www.istqb.org/certification-path-root/advanced-level/advanced-level-technical-test-analyst.html https://www.istqb.org/certification-path-root/advanced-level/advanced-level-test-analyst.html

For ISTQB, it helps to have hands-on experience beforehand, but you should manage by studying the course and taking a training.

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For taking up the ISTQB Advanced Level Certification, you must hold ISTQB Foundation Level Certification. Refer the official ISTQB site to know more about the certification levels

  1. Know the latest syllabus and understand the structure of the exam

  2. Self-study is the best option

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