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I have around 10 web-tests under a single load test. I have written web-test plug-in that will remove 404 Not found errors for dependent requests (such as gif files). I have added the web-test plugin for all the 10 web tests.

Now, I have to add another 30 web test to the same load test. Is there a way to add a load-test plug-in that would do the same task of web-test plug-in by removing the 404 not found errors from the individual responses? Or should I add the web test plugin for all the remaining 30 web test individually?


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You probably need to stick to the web-test plugin

The web-test plugin is presumably operating on the post request event args, which is not available to load test plugins - the closest you would get is the TestFinished event. The standard arguments for this event do give access to the test results, but I don't think they are editable.


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