I am unable to click on logout link in my web page using XPath.

XPath: html/body/div[1]/span/div[1]/a[1]

I See my code in an attachment:

my Code .

HTML Script for "logout"

  • //a[contains(text(),'[Logout]')] - This XPath will definitely works for you. – Bharat Mane Jun 29 '18 at 11:25
  • Try to wait for the webelement by using WebDriverWait class. – Alok Jul 1 '18 at 7:07

Switch to the iframe first, for that try the below code.


After that you can use the XPath or CSS selector to identify the locator.

css: a[onclick*=exitAction]

xpath: //a[contains(@onclick, 'exitAction')]

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Try with the below xpath.

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Try this below XPath.


Prefer Relative XPath rather than Absolute XPath.

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Try the below code using LinkText locator for locating the logout button.

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Try this below code.


This should also work.

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