...<div class="ArticleCount__articleCount___lQ5f1">
<span class="ArticleCount__text___1c2Rn">Showing</span>
<span class="ArticleCount__text___1c2Rn">of</span>
<span class="ArticleCount__text___1c2Rn">articles</span>

Can you please help me with xpath to get the value 9 and 23; I tried with below options:

List<WebElement> list1 = driver.findElements( By.xpath( "//div[starts-
with(@class,'ArticleCount__articleCount')]//span" ) );
     for (int i = 0; 1<list1.size() ; i++)
            System.out.println("Text from String list is::"+list1.get(i).getText());


Text from String list is :: Showing
Text from String list is :: of
Text from String list is :: articles*
  • Please share the html DOM, stacktrace and your effort on the problem. This will help us getting to a solution. Your problem statement looks incomplete right now. Commented Jul 14, 2018 at 9:06

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Try the below and let us know the outcome.


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