Precondition: Need To Login Application first, then I can send my API request to the server, so who can set this thing in Jmeter?

Current: I am getting error as

"{"Message":"Request was not made within the context of a valid session.","Data":"ErrorId: "}"

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Try adding HTTP Cookie Manager to your Test Plan, if the "session" is being handled by cookies - the Cookie Manager will automatically resolve it.

If not - then most probably you will need to perform correlation - the process of detecting dynamic element(s), extracting them into JMeter Variable(s) using a suitable JMeter PostProcessor and replacing recorded hard-coded value in the next request with the JMeter Variable.

Example test plan outline:

  • Request 1
    • Post Processor to extract token from the Request 1 into variable token
  • Request 2 sending ${token} from the request 1 as a parameter

You can consider an alternative way of recording a JMeter test using cloud-based proxy service, it is capable of exporting recorded scripts in "SmartJMX" format which automatically detects and handles dynamic parameters. See How to Cut Your JMeter Scripting Time by 80% article for more details.


To do Basic Auth, just add HTTP Authorization Manager to your plan as per this answer:

It would be configured like this if your server URL is http://localhost:8080/test:

Http Authorization Manager

There is no need for scripting here.

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