I do have new task related to test NIFI Apache. not sure where to start or how to.

  • I have one thing in mind to test it as an API but the only response it sends is status code.
  • I know also it has be Data driven, based on the data NIFI's listeners will route the data to the appropriate DB

I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions


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I think someone might need some answer in the futuer in they were working on something slimier:

I have divided the testing on two phases

  • functional test, it handeled each processor/processors group(nifi entities) the Test Cases where built to test what each processor's doing on Json file (modify extract and/or conversion)
  • integration test, all the test cases were designed to test how is nifi is integrating with logging reception using TCP/HTTP listener and DB insertion into DB (after converting the json into sql query ) /KAfka

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