As of now I am working on automation of iframes using Robot framework but I am not able to input text.

Current Frame Contains  xpath=//iframe[contains(@id,'sq-card-number')]  NONE

#Frame Should Contain   xpath=//iframe[contains(@id,'sq-card-number')]  Card Number

Wait Until Element Is Visible   xpath=//iframe[contains(@id,'sq-card-number')]  30sec

Input Text  xpath=//*[contains(@id,'sq-card-number')]   12345

The above is the code I used

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    where is your HTML? And what is the error you are getting? (this includes you do not get anything)
    – Yu Zhang
    Jul 26, 2018 at 6:57

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I think you need select the iframe first with the Select Frame seleniumlibrary keyword.


Select Frame      top-frame   # Select frame with id or name 'top-frame'
Click Link        example     # Click link 'example' in the selected frame
Unselect Frame        # Back to main frame.
Select Frame      //iframe[@name='xxx']   # Select frame using xpath

Try using driver.switchTo.frame("frameid"); and then try to use input text

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