I'm working on a variety of cellular IoT products. I have developed a sense of which parts of cell stack tend to go wrong, which guides my test cases:

  • SIM card may or may not be present, therefore test the device in both scenarios
  • Network APN may change; therefore test how the device responds when a network connection is attempted using the wrong APN
  • SIM card may not have been activated, or may have run out of data

The above scenarios are mostly focused on SIM issues, but I'm also interested in catching other issues: can the device connect to a tower in worst-case signal areas? What happens if the device is connected to one tower, but is in motion and leaves that cell tower?

So my question is: for a purely abstract, general-purpose cellular IoT device, what edge cases are worthwhile to include in a test plan for network connectivity functions?

Am I over-estimating the chance of issues due to cell-tower handoff? Are there other issues that I'm missing?

Now, I do understand that any testing in general will be dependant on product details. However, I also suspect that there's a large set of tests that should be shared across various IoT devices; this is what I'm attempting to extract.

This list of test scenarios should use the broadest set of assumptions possible: * Battery life or status in general is unknown * It's unknown where in the world the device will be operating * It's unknown what type of cellular modem is in the device (i.e. LTE vs 3G)

In my judgement, it is possible to build a mostly-objective list of cellular test cases for this scenario.

Edit: per the comment suggestion, I have cross-posted this to dsp.stackexchange.com. I may delete this question on sqa.stackexchange if the other question gets an answer. Unfortunately, the stackexchange-meta-discussion on crossposting is far too contentious to draw any real conclusions from.

Edit 2: dsp.stackexchange is threatening to close the question for not being DSP enough. Thanks, gatekeepers.

  • It is a very good question indeed but I also believe it is quite specific. Probably, despite this question has the relation to QA, it makes more sense to ask for help somewhere like dsp.stackexchange.com – Alexey R. Aug 9 '18 at 11:28
  • why dsp.stackexchange ? it's not necessarily DSP related. My experience shows that Cellular connectivity tends to fail either on the edges of coverage areas or when moving from one antenna to another i.e. moving. Combing both is even better- drive in and out of a tunnel for example. – Rsf Aug 9 '18 at 18:26

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