We have at least ten test suites each having at least 10 test cases. I would like to know if there is a way to run selected tests from each of the suites in an order I would like?

For example with the following test folder structure:

     |---Suite 1
         |-------Test 1
         |-------Test 2
         |-------Test 3
     |---Suite 2
         |-------Test 1
         |-------Test 2
         |-------Test 3
     |---Suite 3
         |-------Test 1
         |-------Test 2
         |-------Test 3

Now I want to run the tests in the order for example as below,

  1. Suite 1 - Test Case 3
  2. Suite 2 - Test Case 2
  3. Suite 1 - Test Case 2
  4. Suite 3 - Test Case 3

Please note that the tests are not in any random fashion but has a specific meaning for us. Basically, I have a lot of feature tests separated by specific feature type and each has more tests. Whenever I would like to perform some smoke/sanity tests I would want only certain tests to be executed.

  • Does the order really matter? For the smoke/sanity test scope you could add specific tags to test cases you want and then run this narrow scope with robot --include smoke /Tests. In this case the order possibly would be S1T2, S1T3, S2T2, S3T3. – Bence Kaulics Nov 11 '18 at 11:35

Unfortunately, the best workaround for this is to use prefixes with underscores, as it is mentioned in the User Guide.

For example:

01__my_suite.html -> First test case/suite to be executed.

02__another_suite.html -> Second test case/suite to be executed.

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