I am a software engineer over 5 year experience in J2EE but on a break from last 4 years. Now I want to start career in software testing so, can anyone please help me which certification should I go for. I googled and there are a lot of courses available so I am very confused where to start from.
Thanks a lot in advance.


There are a lot of courses and certifications for testing, but everyone tends to start at Foundation Level and then works towards a certain specialism from there.

The overview of available courses (below) was taken from istqb.org (who you can find out more about here).

ISTQB roadmap


Another training for testers is Black Box Software Testing (BBST®)

Course description here: https://www.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/training-2/ Some of materials you will find here: http://www.testingeducation.org/BBST/


Here are the top software testing certifications, so you can go to one of them:

  1. ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)
  2. CAST (Certified Associate in Software Testing)
  3. CETPA
  4. CMC
  5. CSTE (Certified Software Testing Engineer)
  6. Seed Infotech
  7. QA Campus
  8. Qspiders Software Testing
  9. STC
  10. V Skills
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One approach might be to get into the aws ecosystem where there is a great deal of opportunity for automation and testing.

So consider going for their architect / appdev / devops certifications and then use book, videos, etc. (there are many available, see amazon, etc) to guide your learning path. Once you have all this knowledge on-board you will have learned that there are many opportunities for adding value and improving quality by using automation within the AWS ecosystem such as:


Infrastructure as Code is the Holy Grail of modern development. Aws have a detailed offering with Cloudformation to create controlled, replicable infrastructure. You create templates in YAML/JSON and use them as the method to provision the resources for a given implementation (stack). You can eliminate instance drift with immutable deployments.

Device Farm

The aws Mobile device farm allow you to test both native and mobile web applications on A wide number of Android and Apple devices. You can test both manually and through automation.


Automatic Notification of when things are a bit out of whack. Costs, machines, usage, many metrics Pretty much any services which describes 'automatically doing x' is an opportunity for an automation engineer, because, at some point, a person needs to write that automation or the parameters to use. At least for a little longer.

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