I want to search for different items in a website multiple times and add the item to cart after each search and proceed to checkout after last search. Cucumber opens the new browser for every row in Examples section of Scenario outline row. Is it possible to keep a single browser window open during multiple searches for a website?

My feature file is as follows:

    Feature: Search
    Scenario Outline: Search and select item
    Given: User is on main page
    Then: User enters <item> and click search
    Then: User sorts the item
    Then: User add the item
    Then: Proceed to checkout


Any hints what I am doing wrong here?

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When you use Scenario outline, each example is considered as a single scenario with the scenario outline structure. Think scenario outline as a template where in every example you replace the '<>' with values form each example row and run separately

You could use tables to add multiple items in the same cart separately

Scenario: Search and select items
  Given User is on main page
  When User enters, sort and add to cart the following items separately
  Then Proceed to checkout

Another way to do this could be something like (in declarative way)

Scenario: Search and select items
   Given user is on main page
   When search and add to cart multiple items
   Then proceed to checkout

Then you have to resolve internally the When step at a step level. This way aims to focus on what you want to describe at user level and not how you do it.

Hope it help

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