I'm using Selenium IDE for Chrome and I'm trying to click somewhere only if a specific element doesn't exist.

If I only wanted to do that, I can do it with an assert:

assert element not present    css=.something
click                         css=.button

However, this is part of a larger script and I want to continue with the rest of the script regardless of whether the element exists.

So I want to do something more like:

if          {something which means roughly "assert element not present"}
   click    css=.button

Is this possible? How do I do this?

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You can do this with if/endif of the kantu selenium ide:

verifyElementPresent (locator)
if | !{!statusOK}
 Click (...)
Script continues... 

=> The "trick" here is to use !statusOK to check in the status of the last command. ${!statusOK} here it will be true if the element is found by verifyElementPresent. The ! in front of the variable inverts this. So the Click is reached when the element is not found.


Check out my update to an older Stack Overflow question on using Selenium 3 using store xpath count and if...end to execute code.

The basic idea:

store xpath count | css=.something | how_many_somethings if | ${how_many_somethings} < 1 ...magic stuff... end

The other question has a screen shot and link to a full article.



try {
       //Do nothing
} catch (ElementNotFound) { click }

If no JavaScript wait is necessary:

if( ! element.IsVisible()) click;

//Continue with your life ...

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